Field Sales Software

Simplify Your Field Work

Are you looking to market or sell products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location, or make sales through events, one-on-one demonstrations, or other personal contact arrangements including Internet sales?

FSS is designed to meet the market demand for scheduling all direct sales activities; interfacing with the consumers, processing orders, reporting & analyzing transactions, including B2B, Door-to-Door etc.

Accompanied by cutting-edge mobile technology, this turnkey solution has evolved into a powerful platform for managing all field activities, supervising geographically dispersed sales and service teams.

Enter data directly from your mobile devices, results are instantly synced to the central database and updated in the online management interface.

Be Omnipresent

Unique dashboard insights allow you to be mindful of all field activities, including the teams whereabouts, offers, sales tracking, measuring progress in real-time.

Sales teams simply login into their mobile devices and begin executing their assigned tasks while your able to monitor every step.

Easily designate locations, new markets, customers and push the latest digital collateral instantly to the tablets.

Be informed of all field activities, interactions as they unfold and ensure compliance.

You direct and your team conducts, in real-time.

Field teams are able to present offers, share videos, connect with price comparisons and verification tools and receive new product training all on the fly.

Capturing details such as ID, photos and signatures is a breeze.

Boost Sales with Targeted Offers

Most up-to-date data is at your fingertips.

Pre-select specific and relevant offers to suite the location, socio-economic or behavioral characteristics of each household or business.

Quickly attain relevant data and targeted offers to secure sales on the spot.

Reach New Levels Of Productivity

With real-time updates of team member progress, additional prospects can be allocated as soon as the current block is finished – keeping all team member productivity at maximum levels

Streamline Your Business Processes

Tailored To Your Needs

Say goodbye to tedious tasks, capture sales directly from the field with ease. Click, create, update and deploy forms from anywhere at anytime.             

Make Smart Decisions

Take the guesswork out of understanding your data. Comprehensive list of questions types allows you to capture data exactly the way you want.   

Put Logic Back In Biz

Untangle your data. Create smart forms with the advanced business rule engine to manipulate and apply logic on fields in your forms, based on your criteria.

Get rid of the paper - Go digital!

Digital contracts mean you can capture signatures and photos on the spot and have that completed contract ready for admin within minutes of signing.   

The Power of Knowing

Each team member can track their own sales so they can adjust their approach in the field to meet targets

Built-In Assurance

Improve data quality, reduce fraud and protect your brand representation using the rich features at your disposal.

Be More Nimble

Have updated offers, collateral and pricing in the field in minutes. Identify and tackle problems as soon as they appear.

Real-Time Sales Monitoring

Get an at-a-glance view of all your sales activities with an intuitive dashboards and advanced reporting

Improve Your Workflow. Release operations and logistics from rework, manual paper handling and exception management

Your search for a tool that efficiently plans, organizes and directs sales to optimize profits ends here!

FSS is the ultimate mobile sales app to streamline all your field sales activities

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