Field Marketing Software

Designed to give businesses a 360-degree insight into stores providing eyes and ears at the retail level.

Consistent retail execution is the first step in creating the perfect store in a consumer-driven world. Accurate product placement, timing, price, flawless shelf set-up and educating front line staff dictate successful engagement with your consumers.

This innovative web-based retail execution solution is fast to deploy and is ideal for sales teams and merchandisers selling consumer products in retail environments.

FMS is a comprehensive solution that allows clients to plan, monitor and analyze all field-marketing activities.

Make retail visits more effective, elevate the consumer experience and gain a competitive edge. Bespoke projects make business effortless, improving customer service, and compliance at all levels- exceeding your bottom-line!

Deliver an amazing buying experience to win at the shelf every time.


 Perfect Retail Execution, Every time.

ul_li_second  Maximize in-store time with plans, surveys and tasks
ul_li_second  Preform relevant tasks at the right time
ul_li_second  Ensure the perfect store experience
ul_li_second  Increase your share of the shelf
ul_li_second  Gain insights and competitive comparisons
ul_li_second  Track promotions and trends to measure success
ul_li_second Get data in real-time for actionable insights
ul_li_second Work online & offline with Mobile Apps
ul_li_second Collaborate with teams and share files from anywhere

Deliver Unforgettable Customer Experience



Displayed and place product in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase. Improve presentation, promotion, inventory and POS



Communicate with the consumers and store staff to build up brand engagement and in turn increases awareness, loyalty and ultimately sales.



Raise customer awareness of a product or brand, generate sales, and create brand loyalty.

Brand Management

Brand Management

Analysis and planning on how a brand is positioned in the market, target customers and maintain a desired reputation of the brand.

Market Research

Market Research

Gather information about target markets or customers to gain competitiveness over competitors. Compare brands, products, regions, countries, etc.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Analyze the complete shopping experience, incognito. Purchase a product, ask questions, register complaints or behave in a certain way, and then provide feedback about the experience.



Educates the people you rely on to promote and sell your brand, product and service. Knowledge means confidence and confidence leads to sales.



Communicate the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.

Features To Keep You Powered


Keep yourself nimble with the power of FMS in your back pocket. Mobile apps to keep you productive whether your online or offline.


Help your field teams navigate to optimize their route plans with integrated map feature.

Geo Tracking

Keep an oversight of the field with geo-tracking features and optimize your field teams deployments.


Manage multiple projects, teams and users with multi-level hierarchy & authorization


Customize and tailor your solution to give you exactly what you need .


Harness the full potential of the system by integrating into your existing architecture and utilizing API’s.

Tailored To Your Needs

Put Logic Back In Biz

Autographs and Pictures

Make Smart Decisions

Make Business Effortless, Improving Customer Service And Compliance

ul_li_second Build brand value and engagement to spark sales
ul_li_second Manage & Implement promotional activities
ul_li_second Gain advanced data analysis and reporting
ul_li_second Effectively connect with dealers & consumers
ul_li_second Build loyalty & continuity programs
ul_li_second Manage Partnerships & Sponsorships
ul_li_second Enhance retail & customer marketing
ul_li_second Educate end users about products & service
ul_li_second Track patterns/trends in data



Dashboard helps you trend data, review the status of expectations, goals and projected progress to continuously identify and resolve problems in a fundamental building block for achieving and sustaining excellent operation.

Configure multiple graphs and tables in the user specific dashboard to instantly display KPI’s personally relevant to you.

Follow Your Performance

Reports designed to give you actionable intelligence that you can use to optimize your performance in real-time. Gain an understanding of your marketing efficiency by analyzing data and reviewing trends.

Use comprehensive, preconfigured management reports to show industry standard KPI’s and metrics in real-time

Mobile Platforms

Mobile application development is more important to the enterprise than ever before. As mobile platforms need different apps to work natively it can be difficult to restrict choices entirely to a single platform. Stay versatile with ODS2 apps supporting an array of platforms.

With powerful services for authentication, push messaging, offline data synchronization tap into ODS2 mobile cloud solutions for the platform of your your choice.

Our Cloud Has You Covered

Maintaining an adaptable and scalable communications, network and IT infrastructure is more important than ever before.

As a cloud based solution that includes regular maintenance and upgrades behind the scenes you never have to worry about downtime again and ensures that your solution grows with your business.

 It’s  all about customer experience, make your investment count with FMS; helping deliver results, and ensures brand development in terms of accountability, visibility, flexibility, training and sales.

Take control of the way your brand is presented by retailer and understand consumer engagement with FMS.

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