Field Auditing Software

Looking to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, governance processes or simply, searching for a method to record quality competence, investigations and other findings within an environment or organization?

ODS2’s state-of-the-art solution, FAS make its presence felt with one platform, multiple users, multimedia, data management, dynamic questionnaires, and hierarchy permissions all fastened to generate comprehensive audits in real-time.

The comprehensive reporting features convert collected data into information, providing immediate insight, automatically generating action plans accompanied by a flexible scoring system to help understand trend analysis and mitigate risks. A multitude of actions all managed from one central web based system effectively resolve inefficient paper systems and lost productivity.

With cutting-edge mobile technology, this configurable turnkey solution has evolved to manage all field auditing activities boosting both compliance and profits.


The towering performance of FAS, another fast, powerful and agile software, laced with practicality and versatility of an estate, equips organizations to conduct audits quickly and accurately, capturing data to achieve excellence.         

Its unique design accommodates various activities, including examination, evaluation of objective evidence, compliance with established procedures, adequacy with applicable documents, and the effectiveness of implementation.         

Ready, Set, Go!

No setup or install required, FAS is a web based solution, simply open your browser and logon.

Data import wizards enable you to get up and running fast, and configurable dashboards and email notifications give the personal touch.

Do It Your Way

Configure and manage your workflow to match your business processes and needs.

Change captions, set default values and specify mandatory field, create questions, add business logic, configure your audit exactly the way you want. 

Stay On Track

Maximize your field team productivity with schedulers to keep everyone on track.

Create and input your plan into the system and viola, all auditors will receive the relevant activities and tasks directly to their mobile devices.

Simplify User Management

A robust and flexible authorization system is at the core of FAS to ensure data security.

Manage your users into groups with common security privileges and define access for any group and at any level of your organizational structure.

 Mobile apps that empower your teams to complete audits directly from their mobile devices.

FAS provides agility and enables users to work online or offline allowing them to observe, capture, spot trends and problem areas effortlessly.

Automated Action plans

No need to spend hours reviewing data to create action plans. Create your workflow and include the resulting action required for an observation.

Gain consistency and productivity with automated action plans delivered instantly after completing your audit.

Automated Notifications

The powerful event system within FAS simplifies by automatically generating notices based on observations and risk assessments as they happen.

Flexible Automated Scoring

Different types of audits may need different methods of classification, and FAS enables you to configure multiple rating scales to help you identify and rank observations yielding a score automatically.


Notes often get missed or forgotten by the time you are able to jot them down.

FAS provides you the ability type & record your comments as you audit.

Capture Photo for Evidence

Capture photos directly from your app that are linked to the observation.

No more connecting cameras to PCs and manually transferring and spending hours sorting photos

Digital Signatures

Ensure compliance and get sign-off instantly using the digital signature feature.

A simple swipe of the hand on the mobile device ensures that the signature recorded within the audit.

Multimedia Library

Want to share policies and standards or describe best practices?

A simple swipe of the hand on the mobile device ensures that the signature recorded within the audit.

Reports Your Way

Use comprehensive, preconfigured management reports to show industry standard KPI’s and metrics.

Configure your reports with your organizations logo and match your branding requirements.

Quick View Dashboards

Each user is can personalize their dashboard to give them a view data that is relevant to them.

Configure multiple graphs and tables in the user specific dashboard to instantly display.

Dashboard helps you trend data, review the status of expectations, goals and projected progress to continuously identify and resolve problems in a fundamental building block for achieving and sustaining excellent operation.

Anywhere, Anytime in Real-Time

Execute your audit plan to perfection, gain complete management and visibility of audit performance and report in real-time.

As a cloud based solution data is available at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

Enhance your performance and deliver an experience that earns you an exceptional reputation.

Simplicity, array, innovation and technology lend FAS the market edge.

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