Crowd Survey Software

Harnesses the power of a community, using advanced social media technology and knowledge of crowd behavior to gain market insights.

ODS2 CSS cloud-based solution allows you to gather ideas, suggestions, and information from a vibrant and active audience, your customers.

Using consumers’ smartphone as a tool for quickly gathering field information brands increasingly turn to consumers for brand management.

CSS can shorten time to market for new products, uncover ways to cut costs or improve service levels, and heighten market success for new products or enhancements.

Organizations can use crowd survey technology to rapidly and economically understand market needs, opportunities and priorities.


Turn The Public Into Information Gatherers, Anywhere In The World

  • Create your projects
  • Setup your forms for data that you want collect
  • Send it out to the crowd

Its just that simple! Sit back and watch your data appear in real-time.

The Tools You Need to Manage Your Campaigns That Drive Business Results

  • Let your users create profiles and personalize with their personality
  • Scoring and rating features to give you the best data
  • Reward users for a job well done

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets using push notifications instantly engage and mobilize consumers.

Social media is so much more than just having a Facebook and Twitter account. Let people post, share, like, comment and build social metrics into your traditional metrics.


Respond to Change and Seize Opportunities

Go Beyond Reporting, Be Informed

• Real-time Reporting with KPI’s

• Personalized dashboard with relevant and up-to-date information

• Direct visibility of the field as your project unfolds

The integrated social solution built for the enterprise.

Access on-demand, 24/7 qualified workers and use surveys to make smarter decisions.

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